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Choose Your Favourite Instant Coffee Brands

Choose Your Favourite Instant Coffee Brands
How do you like your coffee? Rich and creamy, a pure shot of espresso or dusted with chocolate? Discover all about the different ways you can enjoy the world's favourite drink.Coffee is a great pick-me-up, and is very rich in antioxidants.


Instant or beans?
Expertly brewed coffee or espresso made from freshly roasted coffee beans can make one's day all that much more enjoyable. Grinding the beans correctly is essential . By allowing the coffee to be ground just before use, the natural oils inside the beans won't loose any of their flavour and will lead to a far superior cup.True, or not, sometimes you don't want a triple flat white. In a pinch instant coffee works. Instant coffee is made from roasted coffee beans that are ground, put through a water process and then placed to a drying stage. It is the convenience form of coffee and it is definitely second best. Some of the best instant coffee brands are below.
Nescafe Clasico Instant Coffee
Nescafe has a Clasico line of Instant Coffee. It comes in a regular and decaf variety. Clasico is separate from their Tasters Choice line, which I’ll get into separately. It mixes well in hot water and it has the same issues most instant coffee has when mixing in cold water.

maxwell coffee

Maxwell House Instant Coffee
Maxwell House makes three varieties of instant coffee. Instant Coffee, Instant Coffee Decaf, and Sanka Instant Coffee. It does mix well in hot water and tastes noticeably better than Folgers. There’s less of the acidic/artificial taste to it.
KreisKaffee coffee
KreisKaffee is the first vacuum package instant coffee in German, popular in Europe and the Soviet union and other countries. It is characterized by pure sweet, sour and the thick alcohol flavor.
Starbucks VIA
Starbucks has their own line of instant coffee called Via. The nice thing is it’s not the tiny crystals like the other brands, but it’s in fact really finely grounded up beans that dissolve in water. It has the best mix ability out of all the instant coffees including in cold water. Beside that, UCC,Columbian,Grandos and Folgers is also World renowned.
How to Make Instant Coffe
Boil the water and get a mug and put in two tablespoons of sugar and a teaspoon of instant coffee.When the water is ready, pour in as much to fill the cup, allowing for any liquid you plan to add. Finally,consider adding some milk, fresh cream, and sugar.This will make your coffee taste milder than having it straight.