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Never Eat Fruits or Vegetables?

Never Eat Fruits or Vegetables
With the development of our society, the life is becoming better and better, more and more people like to eat vegetables and fruits rather than meat and fish. The nutritionists say that we need to eat vegetables and fruits to supply our body substances.
The data provided by the Chinese Center for Disease Control Nutrition and Food Safety confirmed that china’s per capita about the vegetables consumption is 286g everyday, and the fruit consumption is 45g, far away from the Dietary Guidelines recommend 300-500g vegetables and 200-400g fruit intake. At the same time, beans and milk is also a serious shortage, but the meat and lipids is too high.

Balanced diet is the first of the four cornerstones of World Health Organization, however, the Chinese public are overlooked the dietary mixed. So, we should develop the health habits to eat fruits and vegetables, because there are many advantages to eat fruits and vegetables.
First of all, eating more fruits and vegetables can prevent constipation. Fruits and vegetables are rich in dietary fiber, can maintain the intestinal health, and prevent the colon cancer.



Secondly, eating more fruits and vegetables can prevent obesity. The fresh fruits and vegetables have the features of adequate moisture and low energy; it will give you a strong satiety, prevents intake the excessive food and energy surplus from leading to obesity.
Thirdly, eating more fruits and vegetables can protect the skin. Fresh vegetables and fruits are rich in a variety of phytochemicals; these substances have good anti-aging, anti-wrinkle and moisturizing effect.
Fourthly, eating more fruits and vegetables can help your eyesight. Eating spinach, green peppers, kale and other dark green vegetables can reduce UV damage to the eyes. And the carotene has a strong antioxidant effect, it can absorb the harmful rays which entering the eyes, and protect the lens, its antioxidant effect is twice of the vitamin E.
Fruits and vegetables are an important of our daily diet. We need to intake amount of vegetables and fruits to improve our body. And also, whirlston has various kinds of fruit and vegetable processing machines for you, please feel free to view our website!