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Food Processing Machine
  • Banana Slicing Machine Banana Slicing Machine

    Banana slicing machine is used to cut various fruits and vegetables into round pieces. The thickness of the sliced products can be adjusted according to your needs. Wide application. High efficiency and simple operation.

  • Potato Cutting Machine Potato Cutting Machine

    Potato cutting machine is used to cut potatoes into strips, chips, crinkles or other types.The thickness of the potato strips can be adjusted freely. Multi-functional. Wide application.

  • Potato Chips Frying Machine Potato Chips Frying Machine

    Potato chips frying machine adopts oil-water mixed technology to fry various foods. This machine is multi-functional. It has dual temperature control system to save energy and oil.

  • Potato Chips Instant Freezer Potato Chips Instant Freezer

    Potato chips instant freezer is used is used for frozen French fries production line to freeze potato chips, french fries and other instant frozen foods. This machine can greatly save energy and cost.

  • Potato Chips Packing Machine Potato Chips Packing Machine

    Potato chips packing machine is designed to pack various products into bags. It has large capacity with double chamber. Advanced design, reliable performance.

  • Garlic Peeling Machine Garlic Peeling Machine

    1. Adopt pneumatic principle, thus there is no need of water during the whole process. . 2. The peeled glove is perfectly intact which can be stored for a long time.

  • Mushroom Slicing Machine Mushroom Slicing Machine

    This mushroom slicing machine is designed to slice mushroom and other soft vegetables into slices and strips.

  • Vegetable Dicing Machine Vegetable Dicing Machine

    Vegetable dicing machine is ideal for vegetable processing plants to cut various types into cubes or slices.

  • Vegetable Cutting Machine Vegetable Cutting Machine

    Especially designed to cut leaf and root vegetables into slices, strips, dices and other various shapes.

  • Automatic Coffee Machine Automatic Coffee Machine

    1.Fully automatic Italy-style coffee maker. 2. Equipped with 20 bars exported from Italy, ULKA pressure pump and double boilers.

  • Noodle Making Machine Noodle Making Machine

    Noodle making machine is used for making fresh and tasty noodles through different grain and vegetable flour.

  • Steamed Bun Machine Steamed Bun Machine

    Steamed bun machine is ideal equipment to make yummy steamed bun of wheat flour, sorghum flour and other grain flour.