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Food Processing Machine
  • Honeybee Type Food Truck Honeybee Type Food Truck

    Honeybee type mini food truck is popular because of the bright color,compact shape and attractive food.You can make profit just by small investment and in a small room place.

  • Mobile Push Cart Mobile Push Cart

    As a popular kind of mobile food cart,mobile push cart is lighter in weight and smaller in size, which makes it much easier to move and operate.

  • Mobile Food Trailer Mobile Food Trailer

    Mobile food trailer is small-typed and easy to move.It offers delicious food such as ice cream, pizza, hotdog, hotpot and frying snacks.Love eating at the street? Food trailer is your nice choice.

  • Capsule Coffee Machine Capsule Coffee Machine

    designed to make tasty espresso with perfect layer of crema and rich aroma.Convenient and easy to operation.

  • Hot & Cold Drinks Vending Machine Hot & Cold Drinks Vending Machine

    The machine is a fully automatic hot and cold drinks vending machine, offering up to respectively 4 selections of fresh and tasty cold drinks and hot drinks.

  • Steam Cabinet Steam Cabinet

    Steam cabinet is used for steaming rice, dessert, fish, meat, sea food, stewed food, etc.

  • Date Pitting Machine Date Pitting Machine

    Used for pitting various fruits, easy to handle, high integrity flesh rate.

  • Dry Type Peanut Peeling Machine Dry Type Peanut Peeling Machine

    1.Dry type peanut shelling method, no pollution 2.High peeling rate and easy operation

  • Multi-function Grinding Mill Multi-function Grinding Mill

    Applicable to pharmacy, chemical, and food processing industry.

  • Ice Crusher Ice Crusher

    Capable of producing coarse,medium and fine flake ice for different usage.

  • Cashew Grading Machine Cashew Grading Machine

    The durable structure and easy operation make cashew grading machine an excellent choice for processing cashew and other nuts.

  • Pneumatic Cashew Peeling Machine Pneumatic Cashew Peeling Machine

    Cashew peeling machine,clean peeling process,good peeling effect,peeling the inner coat from cashew nuts.