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Food Processing Machine
  • Mobile Push Cart Mobile Push Cart

    As a popular kind of mobile food cart,mobile push cart is lighter in weight and smaller in size, which makes it much easier to move and operate.

  • Mobile Food Trailer Mobile Food Trailer

    Mobile food trailer is small-typed and easy to move.It offers delicious food such as ice cream, pizza, hotdog, hotpot and frying snacks.Love eating at the street? Food trailer is your nice choice.

  • Capsule Coffee Machine Capsule Coffee Machine

    designed to make tasty espresso with perfect layer of crema and rich aroma.Convenient and easy to operation.

  • Hot & Cold Drinks Vending Machine Hot & Cold Drinks Vending Machine

    The machine is a fully automatic hot and cold drinks vending machine, offering up to respectively 4 selections of fresh and tasty cold drinks and hot drinks.

  • Steam Cabinet Steam Cabinet

    Steam cabinet is used for steaming rice, dessert, fish, meat, sea food, stewed food, etc.

  • Date Pitting Machine Date Pitting Machine

    Used for pitting various fruits, easy to handle, high integrity flesh rate.

  • Dry Type Peanut Peeling Machine Dry Type Peanut Peeling Machine

    1.Dry type peanut shelling method, no pollution 2.High peeling rate and easy operation

  • Walnut Sheller Machine Walnut Sheller Machine

    Mainly used for removing hard shells from various kinds of nuts high integrity rate

  • Multi-function Grinding Mill Multi-function Grinding Mill

    Applicable to pharmacy, chemical, and food processing industry.

  • Ice Crusher Ice Crusher

    Capable of producing coarse,medium and fine flake ice for different usage.

  • Cashew Grading Machine Cashew Grading Machine

    The durable structure and easy operation make cashew grading machine an excellent choice for processing cashew and other nuts.

  • Pneumatic Cashew Peeling Machine Pneumatic Cashew Peeling Machine

    Cashew peeling machine,clean peeling process,good peeling effect,peeling the inner coat from cashew nuts.