1.Celery Nutrition Value


Celery has rich nutrition value, 100 g celery contains 2.2 g protein, 8.5 mg calcium, 61 mg phosphorus, 8.5 mg of Ferrum. Its protein content is twice as high as general melon and fruit vegetables, the Ferrum content is about 20 times of tomato. Celery is rich in carotene and vitamins, etc, so it’s beneficial to human body health. Furthermore, celery stem contains volatile mannitol along with special fragrance, which can enhance appetite.
Eating celery frequently can prevent many diseases: to add sugar in mashed fresh celery juice can prevent and treat high blood pressure; Diabetes taking boiled celery juice has a function of lower blood sugar ; Fresh milk boiled celery is eaten often, lead to neutralize acid and internal acid material , has good effect on gout treatment; Cook gruel with150 grams root celery and 250 grams sticky rice, then take it in every morning and night, is helpful to treat coronary heart disease, neurasthenia and insomnia, dizziness.

2. Celery is Beneficial to Women’s Health and Beauty

celery stem

Celery can effectively slow down the speed of aging. Nutritionists said: science diet can perfect compensatory all the nutrition you needed, also can maintain the beauty and keep young, making women look better.

celery juice

Celery juice achieve beauty

Put washed and finely chopped celery root and leaf into the pot, and add a little water to boil for 15 to 20 minutes, finally wash face with the filtered juice. Celery juice has had a very good moisturizing effect, regular use can effectively remove facial wrinkles.

Celery honey juice can clean skin deeply

Celery 150 g, wash, cut, and squeeze juice on the juicer, add honey in the SAP, fully stirring. Daub warm water washed face with it every night, rinse off in the next morning. This prescription can deep clean the skin, making facial appearance fresh and tender.

Celery mask with anti-allergy, moisturizing effects

Take an aloe vera leaf, a stick of celery, a piece of face film paper.
Cut open aloe leaf with a fruit knife, take out the aloe vera gel, coupled with the same proportion of celery, mix them in the juicer together; Take juice with mask paper applying on the face for 10 ~ 15 minutes, then rinse with cold water. It is suitable for all types of skin possessing cool, calm, moisturizing,anti-allergic, eliminate facial swelling utility.
In addition, celery is rich in protein, crude fiber, and some minerals, attribute to women beauty and slimming, it is appropriate to eat in the daily diet.