Many people like to drink coffee, but do you know the right way to drink it and the manners of drinking coffee? You can know it from this article.

How to take a coffee cup

Drinking coffee after-dinner, people generally use the pocket-size cup. The ear of this kind cup is small, fingers cannot wear out. However, even if you use the larger cups, please remember that do not let your finger through the cup’s ear. The right way to take the coffee cup is that use your thumb and forefinger to handle the cup port.

How to add sugar to coffee

When we add sugar to coffee, you can use the coffee spoon to scoop them to the coffee cup, and put them into the cup directly; also you can use the sugar clip to put the sugar candy in the close side of the saucer, and then add the sugar cube in the cup with a coffee spoon. If you use the sugar clip or hand to put the sugar cube into the coffee cup, sometimes it will make the coffee spill, thus the clothing or tablecloth maybe get dirty.

How to use a coffee spoon

Coffee spoon is specially designed to stir the coffee; you should be taken it out when drinking coffee. Do not use it to drink coffee spoon by spoon slowly and also so not to use the coffee spoon to mash the sugar in the cup.

coffee drinking

How to do with the hot coffee

The just-brewed coffee is too hot; you can use the coffee spoon gently to stir it to cool or wait for its natural cooling to drink it. It is a very bad action to try to blow the coffee to cold with the mouth.

The use of coffee cups and saucers

The coffee cups and saucers are special. They should be on the front or right side of the drinkers, the cup ear should be pointing to the right. You can hold the cup ear with your right hand when drinking coffee, the left hand holding the coffee dish gently, and sip lightly toward the mouth. You should not be full master the cup and gulp it down, also should not bow to the coffee cup. Don’t make a sound when drinking coffee; don’t pick up the coffee cup from the saucer when adding coffee.

Drink coffee and eat dim sum

Sometimes it is allowed to eat some snacks when drinking coffee, but don’t hold a coffee cup in one hand and hold a snack in another hand to have a bite over by drinking. Put down the dim sum when drinking coffee and put down the coffee cup when eating snacks.
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