With the improvement of living standards, more and more people care more about the health and they make the vegetables into juice to drink. So, how to drink the vegetable juice healthily? Let’s take a look at some knowledge of it.

1. The Simple Practice of Vegetable Juice.

The approach of vegetable juice is very simple. Wash the vegetables and cut into small pieces, and then stir it into the juicer, you can add a little sugar, honey, jam, and seasoning.

2. What Are Benefits of Drinking Vegetable Juice for Health?

★ Vegetable juice has an important role to stay healthy, maintain normal intestinal function, improve immunity, add water to the body, and it can reduce the risk of suffering from obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and other chronic diseases.
★ The vitamins and minerals in vegetable juice can improve immunity, and enhance physical fitness to maintain health.
★The dietary fiber in vegetable juice can prevent and improve constipation.
★ The biologically active substances in the vegetable juice can prevent and auxiliary some cancer lesions.

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fruit juice

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3. The Best Time to Drink Vegetable Juice.

★Postprandial half an hour, a glass of vegetable juice can help the spirit of mind and increase vitality.
★At noon or in the evening, between the meals, can also be used as snacks, are the best time to drink vegetable juice.

4. What Is the Discomfort to Drink Excessive Vegetable Juice?

Patients with acute and chronic gastroenteritis and the renal poor people recommended drinking less, because it contains oxalic acid, tannic acid, and other substances, they may be in combination with other nutrients to accrue some adverse reactions to stimulate the stomach and intestines, causing diarrhea and other symptoms.

5. Notes and Recommendations to Drink Vegetable Juice.

Because the vegetable juice has a poor taste, you can add a little sugar, honey, fruit, nuts and so on. It not only improves the taste but also complements the nutrients.
★ You should put the vegetables in the boiling water to blanch slightly. Not only less loss of vitamins and increase the juice yield, but also bright the juice color and not easy to be brown.
★ Do not heat it. The heated vegetable juice will make vitamins destruction and loss.
★ Drinking vegetable juice cannot supply the nutrients completely; it is recommended that you should eat some cook vegetables every day.

6. The Storage of Vegetable Juice.

The selection must be fresh. If you cannot drink it all, you’d better install it in the refrigerator, but do not be too long. Although the vegetable juice is nutrition, it also needs to be moderation, the daily consumption of 200-400ml is most appropriate.