Dumplings are invented by Zhang Zhongjing, the medical sage in China. It has a long history for more than 1,800 years. As the traditional food, the dumpling is loved by all Chinese people, and also is the folk staple food and local snacks in northern China. Eating dumplings is not the patent of Chinese people; the foreigners also have the customs of eating dumplings.

Ukraine dumplingsraw dumplings

Ukraine dumplings are very big and have many kinds of eating methods. They use chicken broth to cook dumplings when they eat the dumplings, they put the dumplings and soup together into the pottery, the most common way of eating is to eat the cooked dumplings dipped in sour cream, equally delicious.

–Africa dumplingsItaly dumplings

In the Pilipili Africa snack bar, you can enjoy the authentic Tanzania fried dumplings. Their dumplings look golden, triangle, small, and you can almost eat one all once a time. Six for a plate, three for meat stuffing, and three for prime stuffing; the meat stuffing always use beef, and the prime stuffing is green beans, carrots and other vegetables mixed production.

–Italy dumplings

Unlike China, the tortellini only with eggs when kneading dough, meantime, they will add some cornmeal flour; the dumpling skin pressed by the machine is very tough.
There are a variety of tortellini shapes, triangle, square and round, the round and square dumplings are made of a special wooden mold to produce. The tortellini materials are mainly with seafood, vegetables, cheese, beef, chicken and mushroom.

–India dumplings

cooked dumplingsIndians generally put the dumplings as a head-to-dish or an appetizer; sometimes also treat it as a snack food in the English afternoon tea. In India’s party or cocktail party, India dumplings are an essential delicious food. The Indian curry dumplings stuffing are generally onions, mashed potatoes, raisins, cashew nuts, vegetables, peas, and chicken. The dumplings are triangular, frying to golden yellow in the pan before serving.

–Russia dumplings

The local Russian dumplings are also a gourmet, especially in Siberia, because the local weather is very cold, things are easy to freeze, except the dumplings. Russian dumplings are relatively small, a bit like our wonton, after cooked, eating with butter or salad dressing.

–Mexico dumplings

They use onions, beef, tomato, and celery to be stuffing. The dumpling skin is not rolling, but use hand press into rectangular. The wrapped dumplings are not boiled in the water directly; they are cooked in the seasoning mixed with tomatoes, peppers, onions, and other seasonings.

–Hungary dumplings

Hungarian dumplings stuffing are made of jams, plum, and apricot and plum pickled. They add the mashed potatoes to the flour, and also add something like lard, eggs, sugar, and salt, also wrapped with the fried bread.