In the past, incidents of food safety only affected and spread within one country, one city, one island or one village. However, with globalization, goods and products can almost flow freely between countries, regions, and continents. So the food safety problem is therefore no longer a national or regional issue, but rather a global one. No matter you are living in a more developed country or developing country, the challenge is the same.

In August 2011, the listeria outbreak from a Colorado farm and across 28 US states that resulted in 30 deaths and 146 total confirmed cases since the beginning of the first recorded case on July 31, 2011.
After the nuclear leakage accident in Japan, it has been detected many times that the radioactive substances of the export food exceeded certain limits.
Worse still, in Germany, people were warned not to eat cucumbers until tests can identify the source of a deadly E. coli outbreak. The scare had spread across Europe, with 30 people having been killed.
The industrial plasticizer, a harmful chemical has been detected in some beverages produced in Taiwan, causing health concerns among consumers in regions where Taiwanese beverages are quite popular. This occurred despite the fact that Taiwan boasts one of the most stringent food safety regimens. The plasticizer has since been detected in some Hong Kong food and medicines as well.
In the high level of agriculture in the European Union, Germany’s poison bean sprouts and Irish poultry feed pollution affected the whole of Europe. In many people’s minds, European countries have the strictest standards and checking procedures on their food safety. But the E. coli cucumber incident brought home the reality that it was not an effective defense against such an outbreak.

These diverse food safety issues from various parts of the world are ample evidence that food safety is not an endemic problem. In fact, food safety is not even directly related to the development level of a place. If we do not maintain our vigilance, people’s confidence in food safety can be shattered instantly – even in a developed country.

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