Many business start-ups can make you money, but few are as lucrative and satisfying as opening your own juice bar. With more and more people becoming health-conscious these days, juice businesses are needed. If you love eating fruits and veggies, are business-minded and health-conscious, it’s time for you to open your own juice bar.


1. Hire employees for your juice bar.

You can hire high-school or early-year college students, as the skill sets required are minimal and you can pay them at minimum wage to increase potential earnings for yourself. Place job ads in school bulletin boards (ask permission from the school first), or post a want ad on a website.

2. Create your menu.

The names of your juices should be catchy. Always list the ingredients of each food item and drink. For example, you can call your orange juice “Healthy Orange Bang.” If you plan on using organic ingredients, make sure to indicate that. Hunting for organic food has become a trend among consumers lately.

3. Create your business logo, website, and slogan.

Use bright colors that scream healthy fruit like reds, oranges, and greens. Your logo and website must scream healthy and nutritious. A good slogan could include “Stimulating Apple Bang”.

4. Purchase the materials needed for the interior of your juice bar.

Choose colorful, bright furniture with glass tables. The walls should be painted brightly in the colors of fruit. Buy sturdy, high-quality blenders that can grind hard fruits easily. You should also make the counter a display case to showcase the types of fruits the customer can make into juice.

5. Promote and market your new juice bar.

You can easily let consumers know that you exist by creating leaflets and putting them in newspaper machines. Advertise in free publications, on websites, and on the radio if you can afford it. You can even start offering people free juice samples.