Because of its simple feeding, pigs have the characteristics of thin bones, less tendons and more meat. They are the most eaten animals. Now introduce best processing methods as follows: bacon and sausage processing steps.

pork processing method

1. Hunan bacon production

smoked bacon

1.1 Preparation.

Take the thin, fat and thin meat or frozen meat and scrape off the epidermis, cut into 0.8-1.0kg, 4-5cm thick standard rib meat strips. If you make boneless bacon, you need to remove the bone. When processing boned bacon, use salt 7kg, refined nitrate 0.2kg, pepper 0.4kg; when processing boneless bacon, use 2.5kg of salt, 0.2kg of refined nitrate, 5kg of white sugar, 3.7kg of white wine and soy sauce, and 3~4kg of distilled water. 4]. Before the preparation of the auxiliary materials, the salt and the nitrate are crushed, and the spices such as pepper, fennel and cinnamon are dried and finely ground.

1.2 Pickling method.

1.2.1 dry pickled.

The cut strips are wiped and wiped with dry marinade, placed in the cylinder in the order of the meat facing down, with the uppermost layer facing up. The remaining dry marinade is applied to the upper layer of meat, pickled for 3 days, and turned over.

1.2.2 wet pickled.

The boneless bacon to be pickled is marinated in the prepared pickling liquid for 15 to 18 hours, and the cylinder is turned twice in the middle.

1.2.3 mix and marinate.

After the meat strips are wiped with dry marinade, put them into a jar and pour the sterilized Chen pickle to submerge the strips. The amount of salt in the pickled noodles is not more than 6%.

1.3 Smoked boned bacon, must be rinsed and dried before smoking.

Usually, 8 to 9 kg of charcoal and 12 to 14 kg of wood chips are required for every 100 kg of meat embryos. Hang the dried meat embryos in the smoking kiln, ignite the wood chips, close the smoked door, and spread the smoke evenly. The initial temperature in the smoking kiln is 70°C, and gradually decrease to 50~56°C after 3~4h, keep about 28h. For the finished product. The bacon that has just been made must be preserved after 3 to 4 months of storage.

2. High quality sausage making

high-quality sausage

2.1 formula.

90kg of lean pork, 5kg of white sugar, 10kg of fat pork, 3kg of refined salt, 200g of MSG, 750g of white wine, 150g of fresh ginger (or garlic puree).

2.2 Method of production.

2.2.1 Dice pork meat.

Cut the lean meat into pieces, cut into pieces, and cut into 0.5cm small squares.

2.2.2 Rinse.

The lean diced meat is soaked in 1% saline, and stirred regularly to promote the accelerated dissolution of blood water, reducing the oxidation of the finished product and deepening the color. After 2 hours, the sewage brine was removed, and then immersed in brine for 6-8 hours, finally rinsed off and filtered. The minced meat is washed with boiling water and then wiped dry with cold water.

2.2.3 Pickled.

Wash the fat and lean diced meat, mix well with the seasoning and mix well, pickle for about 8h. Flipping up and down every 2 hours to make the seasoning even, anti-high temperature, anti-sunlight, anti-fly and dust pollution when pickled.

2.2.4 Filling sausage.

The dried sausage coat is first soaked in warm water for about 15 minutes. After softening, rinse it inside and outside for 1 time. Soak it in water with water. The water temperature should not be too high when foaming, so as not to affect the strength of the casing. Put the casing from the end of the funnel (or the mouth of the sausage filling machine), put it on the end, put the air, tie it, then pour the diced meat, fill the diced meat, and release the casing from the mouth. After filling the whole casing, the port is tied, and finally tied at a length of about l5cm, and divided into small sections.

2.2.5 dry.

The simmered sausages are hung in a ventilated place to make them air-dried for about 15 days, and the fingers are pinched to the extent that they are not obviously deformed. Can not be exposed to the sun, otherwise the fat will be oily and smelly, and the flesh color will deepen. Or you can dry sausages by the drying oven, which can dry more sausages in a shorter time than drying naturally.

sausage drying oven

2.2.6 Preservation.

Keep it clean and free of dust, cover it with a food bag, and do not hang it upside down. It is dust-proof and breathable, and will not grow mildew. When you eat, steam and cool, then slice and taste delicious.