Many kinds of fruits and vegetables can be pressed into juice drinks. Fruits and vegetables should be done certain pretreatment in the processing because of its individual to make fruit vegetable juice

First, raw material selection and sorting.

To get the quality guarantee of fruit and vegetable juice, first of all, ensure the quality of raw material. How to select and sort the fruits and vegetables is according to three several aspects,   maturity, freshness, integrity and non-destructive of raw materials.

Second, raw material cleaning.

Inevitably there are dust and impurities on the surface of the fruit and vegetable materials. Before processing, they must be through cleaning to make raw materials as clean as possible.

Third, raw material peeling.

Some fruits and vegetable peel is very thick and with high cellulose content (such as kiwi fruit, pumpkin).So to keep the flavor and stability of the juice, the fruit and vegetable juice must be peeled.

Fourth, cutting or breaking.

Cutting or crushing make the fruits and vegetables very easy to change color and reduce juice quality greatly, so it is very important to protect color changing.

Fifth, color changing of juice.

The main ways to protect color changing are heat treatment, acid treatment, oxygen starvation, reducing the time of heating, etc. After the treatment of fruit and vegetable juice, must be quickly after order processing, maximum limit to prevent microbial erosion, prevent oxidation, keep fresh vegetable and fruit juice.