According to the disinfection expert of NICOLER laboratory, to prevent the contamination of food raw materials from food processing equipment, firstly the design concept of food processing equipment manufacturer should be improved. And the details are as follows:

(1) The equipment design should be consistent with the requirements of food production and processes, such as secure, stable, reliable, and easy to clean, disinfect or sterilization, to facilitate the production operation and maintenance and also prevent the mistakes and cross contamination.

contaminated food

contaminated food

bad apple

(2) Select the material of equipment of strictly. The semi-finished products or the parts contacting with the products directly should use the avirulent, non-corrosive material, not chemical reacting with food, releasing particles or adsorpt food

(3) Not design the platform, groove, and the exposed bolt connection on the surface of equipment and working parts directly contacting with food as far as possible. The surface should be smooth, flat, no corner, and easy to clean and disinfect

(4) The equipment should cause no environmental pollution outside of the device, in view of different pollution of each type of equipment. should take the relevant measures, like dustproof, leakage-proof, heat insulation, prevent noise and others.

(5) Using the equipment in the flammable and explosive environment, it should use the explosion-proof electric appliance and a unit of insurance and eliminate static electricity

(6) The mechanism, having no direct relationship with the production operation, should be designed to be built-in or concealed as far as possible. Such as the transmission part is designed to be built-in.

healthy food

healthy food

(7) All the parts contact with food should have a low surface roughness not attaching to the material. Polishing treatment is an effective means of processing. The main parts polished are a stainless steel plate, casting, and welding, of which the external outline should be concise, and easy to clean.

(8) The equipment should be designed to meet the requirements of standardization, generalization and seriation and mechanical & electrical integration. It is faster and easier to operate and reduces the operating mistakes in the production process.