Traditional Christmas Food

Christmas food will have chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, apple juice and pudding, Turkey, pumpkins, corn, Lima beans, small red berries, and other food. Here are three essential food on Christmas day.

christmas turkey


Turkey has nearly four hundred years of history. The symbol of the reunion harvest dinner in Thanksgiving and Christmas doesn’t mean it but should eat at noon. Due to the Thanksgiving Day is the fourth week of Thursday in November every year. It is already very close to Christmas. And Christmas is the day of Jesus gratitude. Therefore, symbol Thanksgiving Turkey dinner was extended to Christmas.
British diet of Christmas, Christmas dinner consists of roast pigs, turkey, Christmas pudding, fruit pie, etc. The family all love to cook a turkey, bring a lot of fruits and vegetables such as carrot, celery, Onions, and chestnuts, plug into ten pounds of Turkey belly, then spread with a variety of spices on the turkey’s surface, and finally put it into the oven to bake.


Christmas pudding is also necessary. The whole family will participate in cooking, which is the symbol of reunion, harmony, happiness. They will make a wish when mixing the dough. It is said that need stirring in a clockwise direction, turning in the wrong direction will not be lucky. Finally put in a coin, who eat will gain a year good luck!

christmas cookies


Although gingerbread’s hometown is in Germany, European people are used to eating during Christmas. Finns will enjoy gingerbread while drinking glogi, that is a kind of wine mixed of almonds and raisins, with spicy and delicious taste. Dutch people even hide the Christmas presents in pudding or sheep tharm. As far as the poles, they are divided into two groups. One likes to feast on the eve of Christmas, but others are fasting to pray all day long!
In American Turkey based Christmas dinner, there are special food— roasted hominy. It has a layer of cream on it, and covered with some fruit ingredients, having a special taste of sweet and delicious. In Denmark, people must eat an almond pudding, then began to eat something else at the beginning of Christmas dinner.