Everybody loves beautiful, white and transparent skin is the dream of many beauty-conscious women. Here we will tell you seven vegetables that can help you whiten your skin, besides, no matter which kind vegetable you eat, you’d better guarantee that wash the vegetable clean.


There is a saying that dual bean for whitening vegetables, double beans are peas and potatoes.
Eating more peas can promote freckle. Modern research found that peas are rich in vitamin A; vitamin A can moisturize the skin. It has a function of swelling, can tighten the wrinkles around the eyes.


2. Potatoes.

Potatoes are rich in vitamin B, quality fiber, trace elements, and protein can help against the old disease, it also helps to detoxify the body effectively so that women can reply to the whitening skin.



Cucumber contains a variety of nutrients to clean and whiten skin, eliminating sunburn and freckles, and also alleviate skin allergies. It is the traditional saint products for measuring instrument beauty.
Cucumber can whiten skin, maintain skin elasticity and inhibit melanin formation.


4. Mushroom.

Eating more mushroom can make the female body hormone secretion strong, anti-old age, making the skin more beautiful.

wax gourd

5. Wax gourd.

Melon as a beauty share has a significant effect on the skin whitening, it is also slimming products.


6. White radish.

The white radish can promote digestion and strong appetite, and it rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C is an antioxidant, can inhibit melanin synthesis, and prevent lipid oxidation. So eating white radish can make the skin pale and delicate.


7. Carrot.

Carrots can moisturize the skin, the carrots contain carotene, has an effect of antioxidant and whitening skin. Remove the excess keratin of the skin, and make the skin looks more delicate rosy.