Fruit &Vegetable Bubble Washing Machine Introduction

The bubble cleaning machine adopts the high-pressure water and bubbles to scatter, tumble, and clean the vegetables. And then the materials are transferred washed spraying cleaner again. To avoid the second pollution of the vegetables and fruit, the earth and sands washed from the materials sink to tank at the bottom. The floating sundries, worms, hair, and others will be collected and then taken away.
Fruit and Vegetable Bubble Washing Machine Introductions





Dimension 4130*1010*1550mm 5200*1010*1550mm
Power 2.57kw/380v 3.37kw/380v
Weight 220kg 260kg

Application of Fruit Vegetable Bubble Washing Machine

This air bubble type vegetable fruit washing machine is applied for washing all kinds of vegetables and fruits, especially for the leaf and stem vegetables and fruits. So it is widely used in the canteen, vegetable and fruits processing factories, hotel, farm, etc.
Leaf vegetable: spinach, lettuce, celery, rape, rape, parsley, amaranth, chives, chives, etc.
Fruit vegetables: eggplant, hot pepper, anal bean, cucumber, towel gourde, etc.
Fruit: cherry, lychee, hawthorn, plum, mangosteen, lemon, etc.

The application of fruit and vegetable bubble washing machine

Why Choose Bubble Washing Machine

Different from traditional vegetable washing and cleaning machine, the water bubble washing machine adopts UV/O3 water treatment system to disinfect the clean water, kill harmful bacteria and decompose the pesticide residue. Thus the whole process can save much water and make less damage to the vegetables with thin skin.

Fruit and Vegetable Bubble Washing Machine IntroductionFruit & Vegetable Bubble Washing Machine Features 

1. The fruit and vegetable washing machine was made of high-quality stainless steel which reaches the standard of food sanitation.
2. Adopt twice washing and cleaning. High efficient and easy to operate.
3. The bubble cleaning machine is the ideal equipment to wash the fresh fruits and vegetables, such as apple, strawberry, cherry, date, cabbage, mushroom, lettuce, etc. It is also suitable for marinated vegetables and medicinal materials.

Working Video of Bubble Washing Machine