Chili Cutting Machine Introduction

Chili cutting machine is one of the most convenient cooking utensils for processing dry or fresh chilies into various shapes (section, shred, ring, etc). It is highly efficient and with large capacity, thus is an ideal device widely used in the chili processing industry.

Chili Cutting Machine IntroductionsChili Cutting Machine Highlights

1.Multi-use: also can be used to remove chili heads and stems.
2.Adjustable cutting size as customized to meet different requirements.
3.Appropriate for all kinds of dry & fresh chilies/peppers.
4.Fine cut chili shapes.
5.One operator or two operators all OK. Easy to operate, convenient and efficient.

Chili Cutting Machine HighlightsChili cutting machine application

Chili cutting machine is a kind of machine for chili processing. It can cut fresh and dry pepper/chili into the circle, section, shreds. The size can be adjusted according to your requirements. It is widely used in kitchen, restaurant, school, hotel, army, and other vegetable processing factory.

Chili cutting machine applicationUsing methods and notes of chili cutting machine

–You should place the chili cutting machine in a stable workplace before use.
–Before using it to check all parts, notice that whether the switch and power cord are damaged, whether the fasteners are loosing.
–After powered on, check whether the dial turned is in the same direction with the logo, if not, adjust the power head.

Hand-washing after cutting hot pepper

Hot pepper is indeed a nice condiment in cooking and can bring us a palatable flavor, that’s why we always prepare them for the cook. But some peppers are so spicy that after washing and cutting them, our hands are burning. Here is a tip to stop our hands burning.

1.Wash your hands thoroughly with dish detergent to remove all traces of chilies.

2.Soak a small towel with rubbing alcohol, and dab it over the affected areas.

3.Place your hands in a bowl of milk until the burning subsides.

4.If blisters form, wash your hands twice a day. You may also use the antibiotic ointment to relieve irritation.

Note: The alcohol and milk help because capsaicin is soluble in fats and alcohol.

Chili Cutting Machine Parameters

Model LJ-01
Yield 200-400kg/h
Power 0.55kw/380v
Weight 80kg
Dimension 900x550x800mm