Commercial Juice Extractor Introduction

Juice extractors help extract the juice from the succulent fruits or vegetables and range from simple hand-operated kitchen utensils to large, electric devices designed for heavy-duty work. The principle of an extractor, no matter what type, is the same. The device breaks down the cellular material in the fruit or vegetable to release the liquid. Freshly squeezed juice retains much of the nutritional value of the fruit or vegetable from which it came.Centrifugal juice machines
Model Voltage Frequency Power Roll speed Gross weight Net weight Overall dimensions Package dimensions
WF-A1000 220V/50HZ/750W 2800 r/min 26 kg 24 kg 280*340*500 mm 600*360*550 mm
WF-A2000 220V/50HZ/550W 2800 r/min 26 kg 24 kg 430*350*450 mm 435*355*520 mm
WF-A3000 220V/50HZ/370W 2800 r/min 15 kg 14 kg 340*285*360 mm 360*285*420 mm
WF-A4000 220V/50HZ/180W 4300 r/min 8 kg 7 kg 358*220*300 mm 430*290*350 mm
WF-B2000 220V/50HZ/550W 2800 r/min 26 kg 24 kg 430*350*450 mm 435*355*520 mm
WF-B3000 220V/50HZ/370W 2800 r/min 15 kg 14 kg 340*285*360 mm 360*285*420 mm
WF-B5000 220V/50HZ/180W 3400 r/min 7.2 kg 6.2 kg 358*220*300 mm 420*280*345 mm

Commercial Juice Extractor Features

commercial cold press carrot juicer features

1. It is a natural green beverage production machine, the machine squeezes the juice freshly and purely.
2. One of its major features is: the juice does not contain any artificial preservatives, stabilizers, pigments, flavors, water, etc. and it is available for the concentrated juice on the market which is different from the canned, bottled, flexibly packed, powdery and granular juice.
3. Made of stainless steel, non-toxic plastic polypropylene, and ABS. So the juice squeezed from it is totally safe to drink.
4. It has an aesthetic appearance, small size, and lightweight.

Commercial Juice Extractor Application

fruit juice & vegetable juice made by fruit vegetable juicer

This machine is widely used in fruit stores, restaurants, bars, KTV, tea-bars, cafes, etc. Also, we can use it to make juice at home. With the changes in the attitudes towards the diet, the fresh-squeezed juice is more and more popular among people. So this machine will have a big ready market in the future.

Working Video of Commercial Juice Maker