Multifunction Vegetable Cutting Machine Description

The multifunction vegetable cutting machine is specially designed to cut leaf and root vegetables into slices, strips, dices, and other various shapes. It is well-suited for vegetable processing factory, frozen food processing plants, snack food plants, wine processing plants and western food restaurants.

Multifunction Vegetable Cutting Machine DescriptionOperating Precaution

1. Position the vegetable cutting machine on the flat ground to guarantee its optimum performance.
2. Check every component of the machine carefully before operation.
3. Make sure the vegetable is cleaned carefully before cutting and pick out the novel things that can cause damage to the cutting blade.

advantage of vegetable cutting machine

Multifunction Vegetable Cutting Machine Features

1. Size and thickness of the cut vegetable are adjustable.

2. The surface of the cut vegetable is smooth.

3. Several cutting blades are available for different vegetable shapes.

4. Three cutting blades match the machine for free.

5. Simple to operate and easy to maintain.

Vegetable Cutting Machine Features

Multipurpose Vegetable Cutting Machine Parameters

Model QCJ-01 QCJ-02
Voltage 380V/0.75Kw 380V/1.5Kw
Capacity 600Kg/h 1000Kg/h
Dimensions 900*460*740mm 1000*500*750mm
Weight 140Kg 200kg

Working Video of Vegetable Cutting Machine