Automatic Orange Juice Extractor Introduction

Automatic orange juice machine is a kind of pure, natural and green drink production machine. Its great characteristic is that the juice extracted by it does not contain any artificial preservatives, stabilizer, color agent, perfume, water, etc. It is different from the evaporated juice, canned juice, bottled juice, flexible package juice, and granular powder juice. It is fresher and juicer machine

Model Voltage Power Orange size
Production Dimension
Weight Rate of juice
2000C-4 20V 50Hz/

110V 60Hz

120w 40-90mm 20 Orange/min 510*540*1620 76kg 40%-50%
2000E-1 (with
plastic-transparent mask)
20V 50Hz/

110V 60Hz

120w 40-90mm 20 Orange/min 400*300*780 76kg 40%-50%
2000E-2 20V 50Hz/
110V 60Hz
120w 40-90mm 20 Orange/min 400*300*600 40kg 40%-50%
2000E-4 20V 50Hz/
110V 60Hz
120w 40-90mm 20 Orange/min 400*450*900 55kg 40%-50%
2000E-5 20V 50Hz/
110V 60Hz
120w 40-75mm 20 Orange/min 420*450*680 43kg 40%-50%

Advantages of Citrus  Juice Extractor

best made automatic orange juice machine

–This juicer is easiest to clean.
–It can process a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables.
–It juices fast, and this is good for the busy person, as many of us are in this day and age.
–Low cost, it’s affordable with a long warranty.
— High-quality juice. This type of juicer can squeeze higher quality juice than other kinds of juicers.

Orange Juice Extractor Features

orange juice squeezer features

1.Extrusion-type. The orange directly enters into the machine after being disinfected and rinsed. And then the machine peels the skin, extracts, and filters the juice so that the orange juice will have no skin, no seed, and no residue.
2. Orange juicing machine’s design is reasonable with small size and lightweight. The appearance and internal structure are advanced. The part containing the juice is made of stainless steel, non-toxic and plastic polypropylene, and ABS, so it is absolutely safe to use.
3. It applies to small drink shops, fruit shops, restaurants, hotels, bars, tea shops, cafes, etc. It also fits for family-use.

Health Benefits of Drinking Orange Juice

–It can provide vitamin C.
–It can protect against inflammation.
–It can improve diastolic blood pressure.
–It can decrease bad cholesterol levels.

Working Video of Orange Juice Extractor