Spiral Juicer Machine Introduction

Spiral juicer machine is suitable for juicing the crushed drupe fruits like apple, pineapple, etc. With the popularity of fruit juice, spiral juicer has become ideal juicer equipment in food processing plants, beverage processing industry, hotels, boites and even individual business.

fruit and vegetable juicer

Model LZ-0.5
Production capacity 0.5t/h
Rotational speed of spiral 400 rpm
Power 1.1kw
Weight 160kg
Overall dimensions 1000*450*850mm

Application of Screw Juicer Machine

The machine can squeeze fruits such as pineapple, apples, pears, oranges, etc.
It is suitable to crush the berries such as mulberry, grapes, strawberries etc.
It also can squeeze vegetables such as tomatoes, ginger, garlic, celery, carrots, etc.

screw juice extractor feature for juice making

Spiral Juice Making Machine Features

1. Automatically finish the whole process of juicing, separating and discharging.
2. The spiral structure ensures large capacity and high juicing rate.
3. Low energy consumption and noise, no pollution.
4. Stainless steel, hygiene products, compact design.


1. The filler should be cleaned with water and brushed after every shift of work.
2. Cleaning machine may be needed when juice with much fiber is refined, and the machine should be cleaned overall after work.

Sweet Tips-Making Tasty and Nutrient Juice

1. Choose the fresh fruits and vegetables.
2. Wash them completely.
3. Drink juicer as soon as they are finished.
4. No sugar, more kinds of vegetables and fruits.

Working Video of Screw Juice Machine