Vertical Sugarcane Juice Extractor Introduction

The vertical sugarcane juice extractor is designed for extracting juice from various sugarcanes which are peeled previously. This machine’s chamber area where the sugarcane is crushed is totally covered with stainless steel sheets to prevent rust formation. The juice making machine is totally enclosed to avoid atmospheric dust and insects.sugarcane juice extractor

Model JZJ-B
Power 750w
Voltage 220v/50Hz
Capacity 300kg/h
Dimensions 430*410*555mm
Weight 77kg

Vertical Sugarcane Juice Extractor Feature

Electric sugar cane juice extractor machine detailed features

1. Stainless steel construction and crushing rollers.
2. Strictly processed machine head of rust-proof and anti-corrosion.
3. Single time crushing gives a maximum amount of juice.
4. Simple to operate and low energy consumption.
5. Equipped with speed controlling gearbox and vibration abatement for reducing noise.
6. Features built-in bagasse barrels for avoiding leakage of the juice.
7. Equipped with a filter which can ensure more purified juice.

Operation Cautions

1. Before squeezing, you must cut the sugarcanes’ root and head.
2. Sugarcane must be broken into two halves with the diameters of more than 30mm, so as not to overload pressure and stop pressing.
3. Plus the amount of grease once a week to the transmission gear.
4. Wash the rolls timely after pressing, and keep it clean.

Sugarcane Juice-A Popular and Nutrient Juice

sugarcane juice extracted from automatic sugarcane juicer

Sugarcane juice is rich in cane sugar and fructose and also contains minerals like C, P & K and a wide range of VBs. Drinking sugarcane juice can relieve thirst and supplement water. It is definitely an ideal beverage in the hotel, KTV, fruit shop, soda fountain, supermarket, etc.

Working Video of Sugarcane Juice Extracting Machine