Bean Curd Machine Instruction

Bean curd machine is to press tofu from soybean and other beans. It consists of separating pulping machine, pulp container, residue container, and steam drum. Advanced design allows it to control gas, electricity and water level automatically. Besides bean curd, it can also produce soymilk, bean pudding, and colorful tofu together with vegetable juice.

Bean curd machine instruction

Tofu Making Machine Technical Data

Model Voltage Power Output Dimension
MJ-80 220V/380V(adjusted) 8Kw 30kg/h 1200*600*1500mm
MJ-100 220V/380V(adjusted) 8Kw 40kg/h 1600*700*1250mm
MJ-200 220V/380V(adjusted) 10Kw 60kg/h 2300*600*1300mm
MJ-300 220V/380V(adjusted) 12Kw 100kg/h 2300*600*1300mm
MJ-400 220V/380V(adjusted) 14Kw 120kg/h 2300*600*1300mm
MJ-500 220V/380V(adjusted) 15Kw 180kg/h 2800*600*1300mm
MJ-600 220V/380V(adjusted) 16Kw 200kg/h 2800*600*1300mm
MJ-700 220V/380V(adjusted) 21Kw 300kg/h 3500*1000*1350mm

Bean Curd Machine Advantages

1. Automatic operation. Tofu machine takes full automatic control system and can works automatically thus release worker from hard work.
2. Multiple functions. The machine can produce various products like Tofu, soymilk, Tofu pudding.
3. Automatic temperature control. The machine has a temperature controller to monitor the process of soymilk boiling, set the temperature for different products and alarm when it reaches the setted temperature.
4. Easy and convenient.15-20 minutes for the soaked beans to become Tofu.
5. Clean and health.304 stainless steel, the whole equipment is easy to clean.
6. High yield rate but energy saving. The yield rate is 30% higher than the tofu maker in the market and can save 25% energy compared with the open type boiler.
7. Maximize the original flavor and nutrition. The high temperature removes bean odor and keeps the original flavor, color, proteins, and nutrition.

Bean curd machine advantages

About Colorful Tofu

Like plain tofu using soybean as materials. Besides, colorful tofu is added natural vegetable juice. The fresh vegetable juice is rich in nutrition and preserves the fiber in vegetable which is in favor of digestion. The color and luster depend mainly on the choice of vegetable juice. For green tofu, you can choose celery, celery tassel, radish, pepper leaf, and sweet potato leaf; for yellow tofu, the carrot is nice; while for red tofu, a tomato is a perfect option.

Colored tofu

Get to Know Bean Curd

Bean curd is also called tofu, which is a green and healthy course originated in China and has spread all over the world. It is made from soybean or other legumes, and after curdling, pressing, bean curd can be formed. Fresh bean curd is white blocks with no special flavor, thus is an ideal material to make a wide assortment of dishes.

Working Video of Soybean Milk & Tofu Machine