Capsule Coffee Machine Introduction

Capsule coffee machine is the newest capsule coffee maker designed to make tasty espresso with a perfect layer of crema and rich aroma. Capsule coffee machine is equipped with a 19-bar pressure pump exported from Italy for water supplying, which shortens the heating time and permits quick coffee making. This Capsule coffee machine is featured by the digital panel, electronic temperature control, adjustable coffee amount, automatic capsule ejector, 1-liter removable transparent tank and steam nozzle for hot water and steam functions. The coffee maker is applicable to LAVAZZA Espresso point coffee capsule which is available in various capsule machines for sale

Brand Whirlston Model HEC09
Category Automatic Coffee Maker Rated power 1200W
Construction Food grade plastic Tank capacity 1.0L
Working principle High-pressure steam Dimensions 230x365x300mm
Weight 4.2kg Power voltage 220V
Made in China Color Orange
Configuration Fully equipped Output 100cups/h
Power supply 50Hz Working condition Altitude:lower than 1200m; Temperature: 2℃-42℃

Capsule Coffee Machine Features

1. Incorporates Italy capsule coffee making technology.
2. Featured by 19-bar pressure pump and energy saving mode.
3. Equipped with a removable 1-liter transparent tank for easy cleaning and maintenance.
4. Automatic capsule discharging for simple operation
5. Newest model with fashionable style
6. Drawer-type wastewater and capsule containers can store 10 coffee capsule.

coffee made by capsule coffee maker

How to Make Steamed Milk Foam?

If you want a cup of delicious cappuccino, steamed-milk foam making is a skill that you need to learn.
Turn the control knob to right, prepare the machine for making steam.
1. Pour milk into the bottom third of the steel cup, insert the steam wand at a diagonal angle below the surface of the milk.
2. Keep controlling the output of the steam while adjusting the location of the milk
3. Pour the milk foam to the coffee by a spoon. Then a tasty cappuccino is finished


1. Please use a steel cup to contain the milk rather than a plastic cup or paper cup;
2. Please use fresh whole milk rather than skimmed milk;
3. Make sure the milk foam made within 20 seconds.