Chicken Pressure Frying Machine Introduction

This machine is a device that allows you to fry meat (chicken, fish, spare ribs, mutton, etc.) and vegetables in oil at a rapid speed. Since it is cooked quickly, the meat, most often chicken, will be more tender and juicy than if fried in a normal skillet. And this machine has two kinds: the gas pressure fryer and the electric pressure fryer. Obviously, the difference between them is the driving force.

chicken frying machine

Chicken Pressure Frying Machine Features

1. Its greatest feature is the oil filtration system. Used oil can be filtered and reused with easy operation.
2. Easy to operate. With a digital control panel, people can operate it easily.
3. High production capacity. 6 chickens (2 KG each) can be fried in it at the same time and they can be fully fried in 5 minutes. Note: 10 minutes are needed if the oil is cold in the beginning.
4. Good-flavor foods can be made. In the condition of high pressure and temperature, foods can be fried more evenly and sufficiently.
5. High quality. The material of our pressure fryer is the stainless steel 304 which has already passed CE.

deep fried chicken machine features

Chicken Pressure Frying Machine Application

Pressure fryers are not only found in restaurants, but also in other places that need to make high volumes of food at a fast rate. This includes hospitals, schools and even grocery stores that sell fried chicken.

Pressure Frying Machine Parameters

Item name W-800D Gas Pressure Fryer W-800D Electric Pressure Fryer W-800A
Gas Pressure Fryer
W-800A Electric Pressure Fryer
Type Manual Control Panel Manual Control Panel Digital
Control Panel
Control Panel
Model W-800D
(GPL Type)
W-800D W-800A
(GPL Type)
Voltage 220V/50HZ ~3N380V/50Hz 220V/50HZ ~3N380V/50Hz
Specified Atmospheric Pressure 0.08mpa 0.08mpa 0.08mpa 0.08mpa
Oil Capacity 25L 25L 25L 25L
Specification/mm 985*485*1200 985*485*1200 985*465*1200 1000*485*1150
Temperature 50-300 Degrees Celsius 20-300 Degrees Celsius 50-300 Degrees Celsius 20-300 Degrees Celsius
Weight 155kg 155kg 155kg 155kg
Specied power 100W/H 12W/H 100W/H 12W/H

Working Video of Pressure Fryer