Dough Mixer Introduction

Dough mixer is mainly used for making pasta dough from four(other similar powder material to eat) and water at the proportion of 1:0.38-0.45. It’s widely used for making pasta food like bread, cake, pizza, etc. The large capacity and high efficiency make it ideal equipment to reduce labor intensity. For a chef, it is their top aides to create various flavors of pasta products.

Dough mixer introductions

Pizza Dough Kneader Characteristics

▷The machine body is made of high-quality stainless steel.
▷Unique structure, which makes it more convenient and easy to replace the seals and bearings.
▷The process of vacuum mixing is made of negative pressure, making the protein flour in the shortest possible time, and absorbing moisture fully. The dough is slightly yellow, the cooked noodle are translucent.
▷The dough mixer has a neat appearance, small size, light weight, low noise, high efficiency, easy to operate and clean up.

Pizza dough kneader characteristicDough Mixer Application

The dough mixer has a wide range of uses. It is used for mixing powder or wet material to make the different ratio of materials mixed evenly; it is widely applied to mix material in the pharmaceutical industry, foodstuff industry, chemical industry, electronic industry and so on. It is especially suitable for the condition that the materials have a big proportion difference and the needed uniformity is high.
1.Stir: stir the butter, stir the cheese, and stir milk and eggs.
Knead: knead the dough.
2.Mix: mix the juice, jam, noodle, smoothies, and cold dishes.

Bread Dough Kneader Handling Precautions

▷The operator should put on the labor production products, fastened cuffs and clothing, there is not allowed to work without a tie up the hair.
▷It must be specified for using by authorized persons who are familiar with the equipment.
▷Put into the dry flour inquired by machines, not allowed to overload transport pass.
▷Regularly refuel the machine maintenance requirements.
▷Replace the cover when mixed the dough; never stretch the hands or other hard objects in the dough box in order to avoid dangerous incidents.
▷You should not touch the rotating parts when the machine operation, if there are a different sound, loose debris, vibration and other abnormal, you should stop checking and maintenance.

How to Clean and Maintenance Bread Dough Mixer

1. Check the various components regularly, if any loose, fastening timely.
2. The amount of added flour should not exceed the capacity of the surface bucket, so as not to burn out the motor.
3. If you find the oil slick on the dough, repair timely, and replace the oil seal.
4. You should clean the machine timely after using in order not to affect the reuse.
5. When you clean the flour barrel, the water height should not be more than the lowest point of the axis.

Dough Kneader Machine Technical Parameter

Model Capacity Dimension Remark
WDM-12.5 12.5kg/ time 640*420*630mm Manual skip
WDM-20 20kg/ time 760*600*850mm Manual skip
WDM-25-I 25kg/ time 900*650*900mm Manual skip
WDM-25-II 25kg/ time 800*640*920mm Manual skip
WDM-30 30kg/ time 850*460*950mm Foot Manual skip
WDM-35 35kg/ time 1080*850*870mm Manual skip
WDM-50-I 50kg/ time 1170*850*950mm Manual skip
WDM-50-II 50kg/ time 1040*630*960mm Manual skip
WDM-50-III 50kg/ time 980*510*1010mm Foot Manual skip
WDM-75-I 75kg/ time 1100*680*1150mm Manual skip
WDM-75-II 75kg/ time 1170*720*1400mm Automatic skip
WDM-75-III 75kg/ time 1260*1180*680mm Automatic skip
WDM-100-I 100kg/ time                                  1420*770*1560mm                               Automatic skip

Working Video of Dough Mixing Machine