Introduction of Edible Oil Filter

This edible oil filter is suitable for clearing and filtering different plant crude-oil. The machine is equipped with an oil press, can filter peanut oil, soybean oil, sesame oil and rape seeds oil, etc.

Introduction of Edible Oil Filter

The Feature of Edible Oil FilterOil Filter Machine Working Principle

1. This frame oil filter is composed of filter plates, filter frames, oil pump, and filter cloth, etc.
2. When the crude oil is pumped into the filtering machine, under the differential pressure in and outside the machine, the crude oil go through the filtering cloth and come out from the pipe under the filter plate,
3. While the oil dregs remain on the surface of the filtering cloth, thus realizing the filtering process.

Features of Edible Oil Filter

1. High filter speed, high efficiency, good quality oil, no oil residue.
2. Reasonable design, beautiful appearance, compact structure.
3. Easy to operate, high performance.
4. Adopt metal structure, long lifespan, and able to bear high pressure.
5. Equipped with oil pump and motor.

Edible Oil Filter Machine Technical Data

Model Capacity (kg/h) Power(kW)
6LB-250 50-100 0.75
6LB-350 100-200 1.1
6LB-400 350 1.1
6LB-500 500 1.5
6LB-650 1000 1.5

Working Video of Edible Oil Filtering Machine