Egg tart machine introduction

The egg tart machine can produce a delicious egg tart, which is suitable for folks of all ages. Egg tarts made by Whirlston egg tart machine have a nice light texture, sweet smell, and delicious tastes. As Young and old, men and women, everybody loves egg tarts, it can be used both at home and in public places where many people gather like fast restaurants, kindergartens, shopping malls, etc. Egg tart, as a kind of easy-to-make dessert, offers people pleasant flavor and mood, thus investment in it will be a wise choice.

Egg tart machine introduction Egg Tart Machine Advantages

1.Energy-saving: this machine only uses half of the fuel of other kinds of such machines.
2.Easy to operate: even pupils can use it to make yummy egg tarts.
3.Simple design: simple and cute appearance.
4.Small and flexible. It occupies little space and is very convenient.
5.High efficiency: it can produce the delicious egg tarts about 60-80/h

Egg tart machine advantages

Egg Tart Machine Application

The egg tart machine can produce the delicious egg tart in a short period of time and is likely to bring you business opportunities in the market, school, canteen, cafe, kindergarten, hotels, cinemas, and parks, etc. Everywhere people tend to gather, egg tarts machine will not let you down.

Egg Tart Machine Market Prospect

1. Low investment, but have a large profit space.
2. It is one of the hot sell products around the world, so the market prospect is very bright.

Egg Tart Machine Technical Parameters

Fuel consumption 0.1kg/h
Capacity 60-80 tarts/h
Dimension 27*27*16cm
Weight 5kg

Working Video of Egg Burger Maker