Mobile Food Truck-Mobile Food Vending

Have you noticed that in the main or bustling street lies a food stand, with the roasting equipment working and baking the mouthwatering hot dogs and sausages? What will you do with your breakfast if you always delay the wake-up time and latecomer for work, leave it out or buy some bread at the street corner? There are a lot of movie scenes that for hungry diners, a mobile food truck is such a perfect choice anytime. They are ready there for people to work, to school, to touring, to ramble, etc.

mobile food truck

Our Electric Food Truck Offers Hygienic Food

If you absolutely adore the street snacks but also a critical person on food sanitation. You bet! The electric mobile food cart-the very mobile kitchen on wheels, most important, it’s hygienic. Our electric food truck is totally environmentally friendly and we served the degradable and compostable disposables. The menu items depend on your cooking ability and a chef who understands street food better maybe a great help to make your truck attractive and crowded by hungry diners.

Hygienic Food vending

Why Named Corn Shape Food Cart

Corn shape doesn’t mean it is made like an ear of corn but the color painted in a corncob shape. The main tone of the truck body is green and at the bottom is some yellow mixed, which is just corncob color. What’s more, the yellow is surrounded by green, the color proportion is perfectly a corncob inspiration. The whole truck is equipped with four pneumatic-tire wheels. The kitchen body material is tawny endurance plate and stainless steel, with the plate open on one or two sides and advertises post on steel plates.

Corn Shape Food Truck Features

1. Comprehensive function. Integrates cooking, hotpot, and frying. Less working force, simple operation, instantly finish diverse food.
2. Environmental friendly. Zero emission of carbon footprint. Infrared china barbeque controlling the firepower.Clean, hygiene and pro-environment food and dinnerware.
3. Fantastic design and craft. Made of the new type stainless steel panels; catering to the design idea of convenience, efficiency and energy preservation; double side heating, high-speed cooking prevents traditional single taste.
4. Easy to move and flexible to manage. Four-wheel, truck type, makes it working safe and reliable.
5. A proven quick money-maker and operate profitably in over 100 countries around the world. Definitely a healthy return on small investment.

Corn Shape Food Truck Specification

Model AWF-11
Dimension(mm) 3850*1800*2200
Weight(kg) 1700