Why Called Honeybee Type Food Truck?

I believe that we all see and know what honeybee looks like. This type of electric food truck is called honeybee series because of the vivid yellow color body; besides, the truck is originally like a honeybee flowline. As a food cart design, it’s indeed a success to arouse people’s appetite.

mini food truck

Main Configuration of Honeybee Series Mobile Food Truck

The whole body is a mini truck design. The driving cabin matched with special made-to-order glassed ensure a safe drive. The cooking cabinet composes of the front and rear part. In the front part, there are fryer, square iron hot plate, fluorescent light, and cash drawer. And the rear part contains many cooks such as Water sink, Stainless steel shelf and store cabinet, Power distribution box, Gas pipes, and Electric power point, etc. We also offer optional equipment like Barbecue grill, Steamer, Hot&cold juice machine, Crepes oven, Coffee machine and many other facilities for tasty food and snacks.

food service trucks main configuration

Have a Look at Food Truck Structure

Our exceptional business scope includes offering ready trucks and customized carts. The inner side of the truck contains fluorescent light, the external power, and tawny endurance plate. You can open the business window either on one side or both sides. All the common great tasting and healthy food such as vegetable salads, tacos cakes, free range chicken and tofu lavash wraps can be made in the cart since our truck includes all cooking functions like frying, stewing, hotpot, the exterior stove, food steamer, heat preservation drawer, and tank. Generally, customers choose two or three functions according to their own needs. Our optional devices are the refrigerator, freezer, cake machine, coffee machine, ice crusher, roasting stove, display case, and liquid crystal monitor, etc.

Honeybee Shape Food Truck Features

1.Small investment. A little money can realize your boss dream and surely bring you a fat profit.
2.Easy to operate. The truck is a compact design. Small land area and only one or two people can make it.
3.Wide application. Since the design suits environmental friendly requirement, the electric truck can be run in various sizes of supermarket, store, bustling street, night market, tourist spot, and schools. The tempting flavor and taste attract people from miles away.
4.Hygiene and environmentally friendly, offering degradable and compostable disposables.
5. Fresh color, mini cart body, small investment, sanitary food, diverse snacks, all these factors are suitable to help you make profit and service people.

Honeybee Shape Food Truck Specification

Model AWF-12
Dimension(mm) 3850*1600**2200
Weight(kg) 1600