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Hydraulic Oil Press

//Hydraulic Oil Press

Hydraulic Oil Press Introduction

The automatic hydraulic oil press is a best seller among oil press machines which replaces hand-operated oil pressing currently. It has a simple and quick procedure, can process the edible oil in approximately 5-7 minutes. It is of high oil purity and especially suitable for sesame and rapeseed oil producing.

Hydraulic Oil Press Introduction

Hydraulic Oil Expeller Structure

Hydraulic oil expeller is also called sesame oil press machine. It is composed of a piston, hydraulic chamber, vertical shafts, machine shaft, oil pump, electric heating coil, and the automatic temperature-controlling device, etc. The material where oil seeds and oil go through is made of high-quality steel which improves machine performance and ensures spare parts working life.

Hydraulic Oil Expeller Structure

Hydraulic Oil Press Machine Advantages

1. Hydraulic oil press machine has many advantages: easy to operate, high oil output, rare to replace wearing parts, so hydraulic oil press machine is the most advanced equipment which can replace of manual operation of edible oil.
2. Hydraulic edible oil expeller can press at 5 to 10 kilograms oil seeds per batch in about 5 to 6 minutes, so it is suitable for the citizens who live in the big and medium cities, and they want to get the high-quality oil.
3.Wide used in extruding oil seeds like sesame, rapeseed, palm kernel, almond, etc.
4. Full automation and easy to operate; energy saving ratio reaches 50%.

Hydraulic oil press machine advantages

Hydraulic Oil Press Technical Data

Model 6YZ-260
Size 800*700*1400 mm
Weight 850 kg
KN pressure 1900 KN
Max work pressure 55 Mpa
Power of heating ring 2 kw
Control Temp of heating ring 70℃-100℃
Sesame feeding/ time 7-8 kg
Motor power 1.5 kw (Y901-4)

Working Video of Hydraulic Oil Press


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