Ice Shaving Machine Introduction

With this Ice Shaver, you can make perfect flake ice instantly and uniformly. This Ice Crusher is capable of producing coarse, medium and fine flake ice for different usage. The crushed ice can be used as elegant ice beds for salads, making delicious ice desserts such as snow cones and slushes. This Ice Crusher is applicable to hotel, bar, cold drink shop, coffee bar and other cold drink making place.

Snowflake ice shaving machine

Model lYMX02
Power 1/4HP (185W)
Dimensions 430*390*690mm
Speed Fine:1.36kg/min, Medium: 1.56kg/min, Coarse: 9.5g/min
Weight 22kg

Ice Shaver Machine Features

flake ice machine feature details

1.Elegant design: the smooth design is surely an eye-catching glamour, completely different from other machine designs.
2. A little requirement of the ice to be shaved: you can put different kinds of ice as long as they are of similar size as the hopper.
3. Simple & convenient operation: just drop the ice in the hopper, push the handle, and shaving work is done! Anyone can do it.
4. All parts contacting the ice are made of stainless steel for high hygiene.
5. Maximum dimensions of the ice block to be crushed: 15*15*19cm.

Operating Instructions

1. Take out homemade or bought ice block with a diameter of 13cm-16cm and height of 5cm-20cm.
2. Put the ice block on the tray.
3. Adjust the height between the ice block and the adjusting rod, fix the locking pin to the ice block.
4. Turn on the power switch.
5. Adjust the thickness switch to the desired thickness.
6. Turn off the power switch after the ice flake making is finished, take the crushed ice and add some fruits and jam to make a tasty dessert.

snowflake ice made by this electric ice shaving machine