Instant Freezer Machine Introduction

Food instant freezer machine is assembled with a super freezing system in order to prevent the bacterial growth to keep the original flavor, texture and the freshness of stored food. Our instant freezer is suitable to freeze French fries, meat, meatball, chicken, duck, fruit, seafood, and other quick-frozen product.

Instant freezer introduction

Instant Freezer Advantages

1. An instant freezer locks the color, texture, flavor, and nutritional value of the preserved food quickly.
2. It inhibits microorganism growth and ensures 100% food safety. Its quality and structure remain in better form.
3. The risk of contamination is very low on account of the different food preservation compartment.

Instant freezer advantages

Features of Instant Freezing Machine

1. Patent product, Various in specifications, quick-freezing capacity from 30 kg to 150 kg every hour
2. Fast speed of cooling: the Maximum cooling speed ≥ 30°C/min. Low cost, low noise and electricity saving
3. High-density color plate in the stainless steel structure.
4. Environmental protection low noise and high-efficiency compressor and advanced units supporting parts, adopting the UFI approved environmental-friendly refrigerant R404A.
5. Daily maintenance convenience, defrost flexible. Minimize the failure rate.
6. In and out of the material quickly, the butterfly door design is more convenient to operate.

Features of instant freezing machine

 Instant Freezer Parameters

 Model  Capacity  Refrigerating output Power  Size
 Freezer-001  30kg/h  2863 W  3.0kw  2000*2000*2000mm
 Freezer-002  50kg/h  5900W  7.5kw  2000*2000*2000mm
 Freezer-003  80kg/h  8000W  10.0kw  2000*2000*2000mm
 Freezer-004  100kg/h  9144W  11.8kw  2000*2000*2300mm
 Freezer-005  150kg/h  12850W  14.0kw  2000*2000*2300mm

Working Video of Instant Freezing Machine