Multi-function Grinding Mill Description

This Multi-purpose Grinding Mill is mainly applicable to pharmacy, chemical, and food processing industry for breaking a solid material into smaller pieces. It can process many materials such as chemical materials, Chinese herbal medicine including root herb, branch, and lump material, various low oil content grain and other solid and brittle materials. The alveoli in the crushing chamber are precisely handled for a smooth surface, thus minimizing powder accumulation and making the crushing chamber easy to clean.

Multi-function Grinding Mill Description

Multi-function Grinding Mill Working Principle

Benefiting from the high-speed rotation of the movable fluted disc and fix fluted disc, the materials to be ground are impacted and rubbed by discs or by each other, having themselves broken into small pieces. The ground material is discharged directly from the grinding chamber through the outlet. Generally, a cloth bag is used to collect ground material. The degree of fineness can be adjusted by changing the screens.

Multi-function Grinding Mill Features

1. High quality 304 stainless steel construction.
2. Equipped with the international standard motor.
3. Environmentally friendly and low waste.
4. Adjustable degree of fineness by changing the screens.
5. Uniform grinding result and high efficiency.
6. Precisely handled alveoli in the crushing chamber for minimizing the powder accumulation and easy cleaning.
7. The grinding process meets national hygiene standard and GMP hygiene standard.

Multi-function Grinding Mill Features

Multi-function Grinding Mill Parameters

Model HK -180 HK -250 HK -320 HK -350
Capacity 30-120Kg/h 60-200Kg/h 80-300Kg/h 100-500Kg/h
Crushed size 10-120mesh 10-120mesh 10-120mesh 10-120mesh
Power 2.2kw 5.5kw 7.5kw 11kw
Dimensions 480*520*1040mm 750*600*1260mm 780*700*1350mm 800*900*1550mm
Weight 80kg 180kg 260kg 320kg

Working Video of Multifunctional Grinding Machine