Vacuum Packing Machine Introduction

Vacuum packing machine can do vacuum packing and fill nitrogen packing. Whirlston semi-automatic vacuum pacing machine has two working room, which is suitable for big quantity products vacuum packing. This machine is used for sealing all kinds of products like special local products, aquatic products, drugs, chemical materials, etc, and also solid, powdery and mushily products. Packing materials can be various plastic and aluminum foil bag.

Nitrogen Filling Packing Machine Introduction

Nitrogen Filling Packing Machine Features

1. The packing machine is made of stainless steel, can pack not only food, fruit, vegetable, medicine but also silver jewelry, antiques, etc.
2. This machine has good vacuum-pumping performance, suitable for the vacuum package of the plastic bag, compound bag, etc.
3. The machine is also appropriate for the commercial network, small enterprise, medical treatment units, restaurants, hotels, etc.
4. This machine is small in size, light in weight, simple mechanism, convenient and easy to operate.

Nitrogen Filling Packing Machine Features

Nitrogen Filling Packing Machine Application

Vacuum packing machine is widely used in packing all kinds of meat products, pickles, seafood, freezing products, medical products, chemical things, valued metal, clothes, hardware, electronic products, food, vacuum products and so on liquid, solid, powder type goods.
Vacuum packing machine can prevent oxygen, retain freshness, and extend the length of preservation. It is mainly used for small packages, with a high degree of vacuum.

Nitrogen Filling Packing Machine Application

Nitrogen Filling Packing Machine Technical Property

1. Vacuum packing machine can do vacuum, seal, and print on the packing materials one time.
2. All are made with stainless steel. The vacuum chamber is polished and the whole sealing. It can be used in bad weather and can be moved easily.

Vacuum Nitrogen Filled Packing Machine Technical Data

Model SZ-400 SZ-500 SZ-600
Packing capacity 60-160 ( times/h) 90-360( times/h) 90-360( times/h)
Sealing of bag size 400×10/2 (mm) 500×10/2mm 600×10/2mm
Overall Dimension 540*520*920 mm 1220*680*900 mm 1425*720*950 mm
Electrical power 380v/50Hz/1kw 380V/2KW 380V/2.2KW
Weight 80kg 230kg 320kg

Working Video of Nitrogen Filling Sealer