Introduction of Ice Cream Machine

Vertical type ice cream maker or frozen yogurt machine is a kind of snack making machine used to produce the finest quality and different flavors soft ice cream, gelato, frozen yogurt, and sorbet. This ice cream making machine adopts durable color steel or stainless steel, low voltage start-up capability, more suitable for around tourist attractions and medium & small towns.Commercial vertical type Soft Frozen Yogurt Machine


Model BJ188C BJ208C BJ328C BJ418C
Refrigeration capacity 18-20L/H 20-25L/H 30-36L/H 38-45L/H
Hopper Volume 5.8*2 5.8*2 7.2*2 7.2*2
Compressor HP 1.25HP 1.5HP 1.75HP .2HP
Voltage 220V\50Hz 220V\50Hz 220V\50Hz 220V\50Hz
Power(W) 1850 2200 2850 3150
Coolant R404a R404a R404a R404a
Net weight(Kg) 100 100 120 135
Product Dimension(mm) 540*665*1255 540*665*1255 540*665*1355 570*715*1355

Functions of Ice Cream Machine

Functions of Commercial Soft Ice Cream Maker Machine

* Self-cleaning system
* With wheels mounted, easy to move
* High and low voltage alerting
* Low power consumption
* Cone counting system, cone & temp display
* Low mix and standby function
* Sixteen shift for hardness and softness alteration
* Numerical speed control, formation ratio indicating and formation animation display
* Problems alert system, low mix alert, belt skid alert, refrigeration trouble alert, switch trouble alert, high temp alert

Features of Vertical Ice Cream Machine

vertical type soft ice cream maker feature details

1.Mitsubishi tech compressor, famous for its high efficiency.
2. High force beater motor, durable to use.
3. Top micro computerized controlling system.
4. Outlook design patent, three pragmatic patents, one invention patent.
5. Low noise, low power assumption.
6. High currency protection system and problems alerting system.
7. Can make the different flavor and different shapes soft ice creams.
8. Portable with wheels, easy to move.

Working Conditions of Ice Cream Machine

a. Operator: 1 person
b. Practical Voltage: Single phase 220 v /50HZ

Market Prospect of Ice Cream Machine

1. This ice cream machine/ frozen yogurt machine is suitable for home use, shopping mall, supermarket, food exclusive shop, multiple shops, residential area, school, etc.
2. Low investment, high profit, durable performance. Almost there is not quick-wear part of this machine.
3. Environmentally friendly, quite bright market prospect.