Detailed Description of Meatball Making Machine

Meatball making machine is mainly used to form various kinds of stuffed meatballs with stuffings inside by the materials of meat, fish, shrimp, vegetable etc. It is an ideal food machine for processing meatballs full automatically. The operator only need to put the raw material into the hopper, then start the machine; After about 3 minutes, the balls will be automatically made. The finished balls are with features of good taste, round and smooth appearance.stuffed meatball maker machine

Model HRSD-602
Output capacity 140-420 grain/min
Power 1.1KW
Meatball type Stuffed
Meatball size Diameter:20-34mm
Voltage 380V/50Hz
Weight 200kg
Dimension 770*530*1280 mm

Application of Stuffed Meatball Making Machine

The meatball making machine is suitable for all kinds of food processing plants, meat processing plants, frozen food factory, food distribution center, catering and other units to make different kinds of stuffed balls.

stuffed meatball making machine application

Features of Stuffed Meatball Making Machine

1.Made of high-quality stainless steel to meet food hygiene standards and wear-resistance.
2.Precise core parts processing, stable work schedule, and transmission.
3. High efficiency, big output capacity, can produce 140-420 grain/min. The working speed can be adjusted by yourself.
4.Using meatball skin and stuffing fission feeding and positioning shearing action device. The oscillating bearing is used to control the blade open and closed back and forth, no vibration and very stable. The finished balls are more stuffings.
5.Can make all kinds of balls, such as meatball, fish ball, beef ball, chicken ball, tribute ball, prawn ball and so on. , the taste can be changed by yourself.
6.Full-automatic, reasonable structure, easy to maintain and clean. When molded, the balls can automatically fall into the pan, which reduces the human contact with the balls.