Bone Saw Machine Introduction

Bone saw machine is a meat & bone cutting machine specially designed for cutting freezing meat and bones into smaller pieces. Put the bones or meat to be cut between the push slab and saw belt. Lift the meat feeding handle by the left hand and push the material to the stop plate by the right hand. Then push the feeding handle by the left hand to feed the material ahead until it is cut off. Bone saw machine is Ideal for cutting meat, bones, freezing meat, poultry and fish. They can be broadly used in hotels, restaurants, food processing factories and butcheries.

bone cutter machine
Model Passing size(H*W) Dimension Table size Power Weight Voltage Electric
BB250 225*195 mm 480*590*920 mm 390*500 mm 0.75 Kw 4Kg 220V/380V single/3 phase
BB1650 225*195 mm 450*400*890 mm 365*380 mm 0.75 Kw 37.Kg 220V single phase
BB2000 310*230 mm 710*730*980 mm 650*610 mm 1.5 Kw 78 Kg 380V 3 phase
BB310 310*230 mm 710*730*1565 mm 630*660 mm 1.5 Kw 110 Kg 380V 3 phase
BB240 350*290 mm 700*720*1700 mm 700*720 mm 2.2 Kw 135 Kg 380V 3 phase
BB400 335*335 mm 710*730*980 mm 820*910 mm 1.5 Kw 132Kg 380V 3 phase
BB500 410*430 mm

2000*1100*910 mm

1100*910 mm 3 Kw 250Kg 380V 3 phase

Bone Saw Machine Features

▷The whole machine is made of stainless steel or steel with specially treated surfaces, which are endurable in use and in conformity with national food hygiene standard.
▷The equipment has many advantages such as high efficiency, low energy consumption, safe and easy operation and fine appearance.
▷The saw blade is imported from Sweden, sharp and stable, and the saw blade tension organism can adjust the blade to the best mode.
▷The machine is floor type, with big working table, and also the sliding type table pushing help, make the work much easier.

meat bone cutting machine application

Application Scope of Bone Sawing Machine

The machine is not only used for sawing freeze of the whole pig, sheep, cattle and other livestock bone. But also it can be used for small pieces of frozen meat, pork and fish cutting. Widely used in the guesthouse, hotel, food processing factory and slaughterhouse.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Bone Cutter Machine

1. Do not put your hands in the bone saw machine when the machine is operating.
2. Shut off the power when you do not use the machine.
3. Please clean the machine regularly.

Working Video of Bone Saw Machine