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Brine Injector Machine

//Brine Injector Machine

Brine Injector Machine Description

Saline injection machine is of reliable quality and designed for injecting brine or flavor-enhancing fluid into fresh boneless pork and beef products. It can also inject poultry meat with bones, such as chicken, ducks, and geese. It can optimize the amount of brine injected into the product with low pressure. The compounded aqueous solution can tenderize the meat and improve the meat product grade and product rate. Saline injection machine is widely applied in the meat processing industry.saline injection machine

Model ZYZ-48 ZYZ-60 ZYZ-80 ZYZ-108 ZYZ-180
Productive power 200-400 kg/h 400-600 kg/h 600-800 kg/h 800-1000 kg/h 1000-1200 kg/h
Power 4.1kw 4.1kw 5.1kw 6.2kw 7kw
Injection rate 40-80% 40-80% 40-80% 60-90% 60-90%
Needles Ø 2mm
Ø 3mm
Ø 4mm
Ø 2mm
Ø 3mm
Ø 4mm
Ø 2mm
Ø 3mm
Ø 4mm
Ø 2mm
Ø 3mm
Ø 4mm
Ø 2mm
Ø 3mm
Ø 4mm
Injection pressure 0.45-0.9 MPa 0.45-0.9 MPa 0.45-0.9 MPa 0.45-0.9 MPa 0.45-0.9 MPa
Injection frequency 15-40 times/min 15-40 times/min 15-40 times/min 15-40 times/min 15-40 times/min
Stepping speed 0.9-2m/min 0.9-2m/min 0.9-2m/min 0.9-2m/min 0.9-2m/min
Dimension 1220*950*1530 mm 1620*980*1620 mm 1650*1170*1720 mm 2000*1350*1850 mm 2000*1350*1850 mm
Weight 250kg 320kg 320kg 430kg 520kg

Brine Injector Machine Features

1. Saline injection machine is made of 304 stainless steel, easy operation, and low maintenance.
2. The injector can process meat with bones. When the needle touches the hard material, it will automatically lift up to avoid damage
3. According to the different size and texture of the meat, the distance between needles, injecting pressure and speed and the transmission step can be adjusted at a variable frequency.
4. Use compressed air to clean the needles more conveniently and efficiently. It is available to avoid the occlusion of the needles. Easy to clean and ensure sanitarily.meat brine injector machine details information

Advantages of the Meat Injecting Brine

1. Fast flavor – Marinades and brines take time to work and penetrate the meat. Injecting gets instant penetration and gets flavor throughout the meat in 5 minutes.
2. Tender texture – Some marinades help the heat in breaking down the structure of the meat, making it tender.
3. Add moisture – injecting liquid into a piece of meat obviously increases the moisture in the roast.

commercial brine injector for processing meat food

Tips & warnings

Most brine injects are not dishwasher safe. Wash them right after use with warm soapy water.
Oil the needle before injecting into the meat. This is to ensure the needle goes in smoothly and also helps protect the needle.
Always practice smart meat handle. Wash your hands thoroughly between each step to avoid cross-contamination. Use a separate cutting board for meat as you do for all your other chopping.
Keep in mind it is a large hypodermic needle and is sharp.

Working Video of Meat Brine Injector


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