Chicken Feet Peeling Machine Presentation

The chicken feet peeling machine is used to remove the yellow skin and nails of the raw chicken feet completely without any damage. As one of the most convenient chicken feet peeling machinery, it is suitable for chicken processing plants, hotels, restaurants, etc.Chicken Paw Skin Remover

Model ZTP-300 ZTP-600
Power 1.5kw/380v 3kw/380v
Weight 70kg 110kg
Size 830*600*930mm 930*970*975mm
Output 300kg/h 600kg/h

Chicken Feet Peeling Machine Operation

The raw chicken feet should be soaked in hot water (65 degrees) about 3-5 minutes beforehand, then put them in the peeling machine to process, so that the skin and nail can be removed totally. And there is a tap on the machine to connect with the water to wash away the removed skin and nails.

chicken feet skin peeling process and peeled chicken paws

Chicken Feet Peeling Machine Features

1. It is made of stainless steel, conforming to health standards; easy to clean.
2.Simple operation; thorough peeling; no damaging chicken feet; high volume of production.
3.High efficiency, saving a lot of labor cost.
4. Removing the chicken feet skin as well as nails.

What Do You Know about Chicken Feet

1.Nutritive value: rich in calcium and collagen
2.Benefits for eating: soften and protect the vessel; reduce the blood fat and cholesterol; enhance the skin tension; eliminate the wrinkle.
3.Suitable for: the emaciated, the weak, the anemic, the physically deficient, etc.