Frozen Meat Dicing Machine Description

Frozen Meat Cutting Machine is widely used to cut various kinds of frozen meat products such as sausages, poultry, beefsteak, in preparation for further processing. The low-temperature design ensures the high quality of the meat dice. The temperature of the frozen meat block to be cut could be minus 18 to 12-degree Celsius. The frozen meat needn’t be defrosted prior to being cut, thus avoiding loss of nutrients.frozen meat dicer

Model QK-2000
Power 5.5kw
Capacity 4-5T/h
Weight 600Kg
Dimensions 1500*720*1400 mm
Voltage 380V

Frozen Meat Dicing Machine Features 

1. Stainless steel and heavy duty construction.
2. Continuous feeding for uninterrupted production
3. Thawing of frozen meat is eliminated prior to being cut
4. Feature emergency stop for avoiding danger.
5. No loss of nutrients in the process of cutting.
6. Safe and simple to operate.
7. Low maintenance and energy consumption.

Application of Frozen Meat Dicing Machine

This equipment is used to chop or dice a variety of raw meat into cubes, strips, and slices. It can be used to cut fresh/frozen meat, cooked meat and poultry (chicken, ducks, etc.) with/without bones. The cut-out cubes can be used to make hot dogs, smoked sausage, ham, meatballs, etc. it is widely suitable for hotel, restaurant, chain catering, meat food processing factory, and school hall.

frozen meat cube cutting machine application

Why Frozen Meat Dicing Machine?

When making sausage filling, dumpling filling or patty filling, a meat grinder is required to crush the meat. But the frozen meat block is too big for the meat grinder to cut, and the service life of the meat grinder will be shortened if material fed is of large size. The Frozen Meat Cutter is designed to handle the mentioned problems. The frozen meat that pre-processed by the frozen meat cutter is easy to be crushed.

Difference Between Dice and Chop

1. Cut Size: when dicing an item, you are cutting it into small pieces whereas when chopping something you are not necessarily cutting it into small pieces. You can chop an item while still leaving it in big pieces.
2. Shape: dicing an item means that you are cutting it into cubes while chopping an item does not signify a shape.
3. Speed: chopping an item implies that you are cutting an item quickly, while dicing does not.