Frozen Meat Slicing Machine Introduction

This type of frozen meat slicing machine whose knife head is driven hydraulically can cut the hardest frozen meat into slices. This frozen meat slicing machine is widely used in the meat processing industry to flake various kinds of frozen meat products like sausages, poultry and steak for further processing. Optional cutting heads are available for cutting the slices into small pieces.

frozen meat slicing machine

Model QP-1500
Power 4kw/380v
Capacity 1 T/hour
Weight 300kg
Dimensions 900*847*1300mm

The Operation Method of Frozen Meat Slicing Machine

Put the machine to a clean space—place the container under outlet—switch on the power—turn on the switch–put the frozen meat in feed inlet—turn off the switch–shut off the power
Please follow the advice about the power, voltage in your country and the special requirements before placing an order.

Working Principle of Frozen Meat Slicing Machine

It cuts the blocks with a guillotine-type blade operated by an extremely powerful hydraulic system. The standard machine produces 4-centimeter-thick slices; however, optionally the cutting head can be fitted with vertical blades to cut the slices into smaller pieces.

frozen meat slices cut by commercial frozen meat slicer

Frozen Meat Slicing Machine Features

1. High-quality stainless steel construction for high hygiene.
2. Feature emergency stop for avoiding danger in the slicing process.
3. Simple to operate and maintain; stable working performance.
4. No loss of nutrients in the operational process.
5. Small land occupancy and low energy consumption.

Frozen Meat VS Fresh Meat

1. Fresh meat is obtained from freshly slaughtered animals or poultry. This kind of meat is highly perishable and cannot preserve for a long time.
2. Frozen meat is preserved by rapid freezing, stored and distributed in this frozen form. Freezing can stop bacterial growth and frozen meat can thus be preserved in good condition and retain its wholesomeness and quality for long periods.