Meat Stuffing Mixer Introduction

The stuffing mixer is common stuffing mixing equipment in meat products processing. It is used to mix raw meat particles of different sizes with other materials according to process requirements, the averagely mixed meat stuffing can be applied to further process diverse meat products such as dry sausages, meat granules or meatballs and so on. Our stuffing mixing machine is divided into two types:single-shaft mixing machine and double-shaft meat stuffing mixing machine.commercial meat mixer

Model Power Dimension Weight Yield
BX-50 0.75kw 960*790*830 mm 160kg 30kg/8mins
BX-100 1.1kw 1050*870*970 mm 240kg 70kg/8mins
JB50 0.74kw 740*810*775mm 180kg 20kg
JB150 2.2kw 1200*682*1060mm 280kg 120kg
JB300 4.4kw 1200*682*1060mm 650kg 240kg

Meat Stuffing Mixer Machine Working Principle

Meat stuffing mixing machine adopts imported mixing equipment methods. It is equipped with a fan-shaped stirring rod which can be disassembled freely to make the mixing averagely. After mixing, the meat stuffing has strong viscosity and elasticity, what’s more, the tenderness of meat stuffing is increasing.

Dumpling Stuffing Blender application

Meat Stuffing Mixer Application

The stuffing mixer is an essential device for mixing with high efficiency and easy operation. It is the first-choice device for making seasoned and blended sausage products and meatballs; and also it is a perfect option for producing dumplings, wontons, etc, flour-based products in hotels, restaurants, canteens and so on.

Meat Stuffing Mixing Machine Superiorities

1.Fast speed of mixing materials, high efficiency.
2. Materials mixed by this machine are quite even.
3.Good seal quality, simple to clean.
4. Mainly made of carbon steel, long working life.
5. The part touching materials are stainless steel, ensuring safety and health.

Tips for Meat Mixing Machine Use

1. This machine has no grinding function, so the materials should be minced by a meat grinder beforehand.
2. Applied to mix the granular, the powdery, the pasty and the pulp.
3.Suitable for meat processing plants, frozen food processing plants, snack food processing plants, Chinese restaurants, and Western restaurants.

Working Video of Meat Mixing Machine