Introduction of Meatball Making Machine

Meatball making machine is mainly used to make various kinds of meatballs such as fish flesh ball, shrimp ball, beef meatball, etc. We can supply the whole production line of meatball including meat grinding machine, meat chopping machine, meat stuffing mixer, meatball forming machine, meatball frying machine, and meatball packing machine. The finished balls are with features of good taste, round and smooth appearance.meatball making machine

Model YRW300
Productivity 295grains/min
Meatball dimension Φ14mm-27mm
Voltage 110V/60HZ
Motor 1.1KW
Equipment weight 95kg
Equipment dimension 710*350*1240mm
Equipment Material Stainless steel

Features of Meatball Making Machine

automatic meatball machine spare parts

Wholly made of SUS304 stainless steel to reach the international food hygienic standard, durable and wear-resistance.
Reasonable structure, the machine adopts the way of mechanical drive and speed regulation, featuring with an attractive appearance, easy operation, and long service life.
The finished meatballs are good quality, uniform size, good taste flavor, and smooth surface, and the size can be adjusted freely according to customers requirement.
High efficiency, big output capacity, can produce 300 grain/min. The working speed can be adjusted by yourself.
Can make all kinds of balls, such as meatball, fish ball, beef ball, chicken ball, tribute ball, prawn ball and etc., the taste can be changed by yourself.
Full-automatic, compact structure, easy operation, large capacity, and cost-effective price.

Application of Meatball Making Machine

The meatball making machine is the ideal meatball processing equipment for all kinds of food processing plants, meat processing plants, frozen food factory, food distribution center, hotel, restaurant, the individual processing unit to make different kinds of meatballs.meatball maker machine can produce various meatballs

Working Video of Meatball Forming Machine