Sausage Stuffing Machine Description

This sausage stuffer allows you to crank out perfect tasty sausage every time. It can fill sausage casing of all kinds and sizes with ease, and stuff all types of sausage casings – natural, collagen, fibrous, or plastic. This sausage stuffer is a pneumatic driven type adopting a photoelectric control principle, allowing continuously performance and uniform filling result. The sausage made by the machine is free of air pockets.

automatic sausage filling machine

Power 220V/50VA
Pressure 0.5-0.6Mpa
Dimensions 660*550*1520mm
Filling tube diameter 12mm/15mm/25mm
Weight 150kg

Sausage Stuffing Machine Features

1. Made of durable stainless steel for high hygiene.
2. Different sizes of filling tubes for producing different-size sausage.
3. Adopt a photoelectric control principle allowing continuously performance and uniform filling result.
4. Decrease air pockets in sausage links.
5. Safe and easy to operate.
6. Compact design requires a small space.
7. Ideal for a small and medium-sized plant.

Different Types of Sausage

sausage types

–Fresh sausage: made from meats that are neither cured nor smoked. They must be cooked before serving.
–Cooked sausage: made from uncured meats that are cooked but not smoked.
–Uncooked, smoked sausage: either cooked or cured meats that are smoked and then later cooked before serving.
–Dry sausage: also called summer sausage, because it can be kept in warm weather without refrigeration, which made from cured sausage that is air-dried under controlled time temperature-humidity conditions.

Five Essential Ways of Cooking Sausages

various cooked sausages

Poaching: just remember to cut the sausages into individual pieces before you pop them in the pot or you’ll run the risk of them losing their skins.
Baking: just pop them in a baking dish with some vegetables and maybe tinned tomatoes and you’ll have a one-pot meal.
BBQing: for the ultimate BBQ bangers, use the poaching method above and finish them on the Barbie instead of in a pan–just be careful and avoid piercing them so they keep lovely and juicy.
Slice & pan fry: firmer sausages like the holy sausage-chorizo are lovely sliced and browned in a little oil before used in a dish will be more delicious to taste!
Crumble & pan fry: removing the sausage skins and crumbling the meat into a pan is one of the quickest ways to cook your sausages and there’s no need to worry about the skins splitting.