Cashew Steaming Machine Introduction

In the procedure of processing cashew, there is one step making the cashew cooked, and in this step, cashew steaming machine is the mainly meritorious one. This machine processes the cashew through two heating methods: electric heating and steam heating. Meanwhile, it is helpful for stewing other foodstuffs.
cashew nut steam cooker
Model ZG-200
Voltage(v) 380v
Power(kw) 18kw
Dimension(mm) 1540*650*1500mm
Weight(kg) 150kg

Cashew Steaming Machine Features

1. It is completely made of stainless steel of high quality.
2. The temperature when stewing can be set according to the production requirements.
3. It has a stable working condition and long-term service life.
4. Automatic and easy operation, low noise and energy-saving are the other three advantages making it outstanding.
cooked cashew nuts and inner structure of cashew steaming machine

Cashew Steaming Machine Maintenance

1. When using this machine, the water or gas inlet should be checked to figure out it is unobstructed.
2. The electric heating and steam heating cannot work at the same time; the water tank cannot work without water and the pressure cannot exceed the specified amount.
3. When taking out the stewed cashew, you should have pressure-relief first. At the same time, you should avoid facing rightly the door of the machine and you should wear heat-insulation gloves or use some clamp to take the stewed things so that you will not be scalded.
4. After using, the power supplier and the inlet valve should be shut off.
5. If there is some breakdown, please have the professional to fix it.
6. To clean the scale, 5% citric acid liquor can be used by boiling for 15 minutes, soaking for 1 hour and boiling for another 15 minutes, then the scale will be cleaned easily.

Working Video of Cashew Nut Cooking Machine