Cashew Kernel Grading Machine Introduction

The automatic cashew kernel grading machine is used for grading / sorting the cashew nuts and classifying the cashew nuts into 3~5 different sizes. The procedure of operation consists of feed intake, sundries remove, stuff promotion, stuff screening, etc. With the exact grading, high output and zero-damage, this machine is the best choice for the factories specializing in cashew processing.
The Cashew kernel grading consists of three layers of rollers: upper (out of big kernel), middle (out of middle kernel) and lower (out of small kernel). The size of nuts is separated by adjusting the gap between each layer of rollers and rollers.cashew sorting machine

Model FG-400
Capacity( KG/H ) 400KG/H
Power( KW ) 3KW
Dimension(MM) 3200*1000*1800
Weight( KG ) 1000KG

Cashew Grading Machine Features

1. The machine body material is durable, strong carbon steel which ensures long-term use.
2. Automatically finishing the whole process of grading and easy to handle.
3.Low energy consumption and noise, and no pollution.
4.Easy to clean and maintain.cashew grades

Sweet-tips-Cashew Nutritive Value 

1. Cashew is good for vessel softening & protecting, CVD (cardiovascular disease), which benefits from some vitamins and trace elements.
2. The abundant grease in cashew is helpful for relaxing bowel, skin beauty and delaying senescence.
3. Yummy and good taste makes it popular among both the old and the young.