Pneumatic Cashew Peeling Machine Introduction

Cashew peeling machine is specially applied to removing the inner thin skin from the cashew kernels efficiently. It adopts dry pneumatic principle effectively to peel the dry or roasted cashew nuts automatically with no damage. Cashew peeling machine is widely used in the nut processing industry and the pretreatment of oil production plants, and it is also used in the mine, army, school, farmer markets, and food processing units or individuals.roasted cashew skin removing machine

Model ST-150 ST-300 ST-600
Capacity 100-150kg/h 250-300kg/h 500-600kg/h
Air inflow rate 1.05m³/min 1.6m³/min 3.2m³/min
Air inflow power


11KW/380V/50HZ 22KW/380V/50HZ
Non-heating single machine power 0.2KW/220V/50HZ 0.2KW/220V/50HZ 0.2KW/220V/50HZ
Peeling rate 95% 95% 95%
Size 640*600*1300mm 960*710*1660mm 1100*920*1700mm
Packing weight 70kg 110kg 160kg

Pneumatic Cashew Peeling Machine Features

1. The machine can be adjusted to suit various sizes and hardness of cashew nuts.
2.Reasonable design, the least chance to cause injuries when operation.
3.Easy to install and operate.
4.Corrosion resistant and wear & tear resistant, thus durable.
5.High peeling ratio; low damage ratio & power consumption.
6.Clean peeling process.

automatic cashew peeler machine features

How Much Do You Know about Cashew

Cashew is a tropical American tree of the sumac family, valued chiefly for the cashew nut of commerce. The tree’s acrid sap is used in making a varnish that protects woodwork and books from insects.
The fruit is kidney-shaped, about an inch in length, and has a double shell. The kernel, which is sweet, oily, and nutritious, is often used for food in the tropics after being roasted to destroy the caustic juice. It yields the light-colored oil which is said to be the equal of olive oil and is utilized in various culinary ways.
In the West Indies, it is used to flavor wine, particularly Madeira, and is imported into Great Britain for this purpose. The nut grows on the end of a fleshy, pear-shaped stalk, called the cashew apple, which is white, yellow, or red, juicy and slightly acid, and is eaten or fermented to make wine.

Working Video of Cashew Peeling Machine