Coffee Bean Peeler Machine Introduction

Coffee bean peeling machine is specially designed to peel and mill various dry bean, grain crops or Chinese particle medicine such as coffee bean, niblet, wheat berry, buckwheat seed, and Fructus kochiae, etc. It is multifunctional which integrates peeling and milling system and process grain or bean into peeled seeds or powder as you wish. As it is small in size, thus quite a hot sell in the family, supermarket, grain store in towns.

dry coffee bean peeling machine

Model WRTY300
Power 3kw/220v
Capacity 300kg/h
Weight 90kg
Dimension 680*485*1030(mm)
Packing size 690*495*1040(mm)

Coffee Bean Huller Machine Wide Application

–Processing grain products: niblet, wheat berry, barley, mung bean, broad bean, oat, buckwheat, soybean…
–Processing Chinese medicine: Fructus kochiae, rhizoma cyperi, and pearl barley.
For small size grain products mill, family, supermarket in town, grain shop and Greenmarket, coffee bean huller machine is the true choice to process grains on the scene.

coffee bean huller can also peeling grains like soybean, black bean, etc

Coffee Bean Peeling  Machine Structure & Working Process

Coffee bean huller machine is advanced structured and absorbs other rice milling machine advantages. It consists of hulling system and bran separating system. Coffee beans flow down by gravity to the rotating cover and thrown to the milling chamber by pushing wing. The grinding in milling chamber separates bran and coffee bean seed. The bran is sucked out by fan and coffee seed is pushed out by discharging wing. The hulling and milling process can improve grain food taste and make them palatable for further product.

Grain Hulling  Machine Features

1.Process dry coffee beans and other grain products
2.Compact structure, pleasant appearance, convenient to operate, maintain and move
3.Small power consumption, long service life
4.Ensure high bean seed integrity, pure bean seeds.
5.Improve grain and bean taste, popular for further food processing.