Introduction of Peanut Butter Machine

1. Peanut butter colloid mill machine is used to grind small material in to paste shape, suitable for the homogenization, emulsification and comminuting of the emulsions.

peanut butter grinding machine
2. Peanut butter making machine has an advanced design, it can adjust the rotate speed of millstones according to different demand of different materials, and users can exchange optionally the blast motor for different materials and working condition.

peanut butter colloid mill details
3. The colloid mill has ascendant efficacy (comminuting of the emulsions, spread around, emulsification, suitable for the homogenization etc.), the granularity processed can reach to 2-60μm, the homogenization reaches 95%.

Technical Data of Peanut Butter Miling Machine

Model JM-50 JM-85 JM-130
Main power 2.2KW 5.5KW 11KW
Capacity 50-100kg/h 100-150kg/h 200-300kg/h
Packing size 620*350*680mm 870*400*900mm 1000*450*900mm
Weight 80kg 130kg 270kg

Application of Peanut Butter Machine

Peanut butter machine is ideal equipment to make fresh peanut butter in a jiffy. You just need to fill the hopper with your favorite shelled nuts, turn on the switch and after a few minutes, delicious homemade nut butter comes out. Peanut butter machine can also process other kinds of materials.


Aloe, pollen, pineapple, sesame, tea, ice cream, food stuffing, butter, jam, sesame, peanut sauce, chili sauce, fruit juice, soybean, bean paste, bean paste, peanut milk, milk protein, soy milk, dairy products, beverages, malted milk, essence, emulsion, emulsion pig skin, chicken bone paste, fish and other animal skin, animal organs etc..

peanut butter milling machine application in food processing industry

2.Used in Medicine

Various kinds of syrup, nutrient solution, Chinese patent medicine, biological product, pollen, vaccine, various kinds of ointment, various oral medicine, emulsion, animal husbandry medicine, etc.


Paint, pigment, fuel, paint, lubricating oil, diesel oil, petroleum catalyst, emulsified asphalt, adhesive, plastic, glass fiber reinforced plastic, leather, toothpaste, detergent, shoe polish, cosmetics, soap balm, etc.

Peanut Butter Nutrition

Containing Tryptophan which contributes to easy sleeping.
Abundant protein, minerals, and most vitamin Bs, vitamin E which can reduce blood pressure.

Working Video of Peanut Butter Machine